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Success/ is based on prospective steps. As /attorneys for IT we guide you on that way. From complexity to clarity. From challenge to /solution. Towards results that advance your /business .-. effectively, sustainably and smartly.


Law/ is what we decrypt for you .-. simply, concisely and collaboratively. With a /straightforward approach we pursue your /goals, guide you through the process, are always ready to help you. For a pinpoint result. For economic /value.

Our fields of expertise

Supreme excellence consists in breaking 
the enemy’s
resistance without fighting.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Latest entries

Schwetzinger Informationsrechtstage 2019

Dr. Tobias Sedlmeier referiert zum Steuerrecht für IT-Juristen.

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Neues Geschäftsgeheimnisgesetz

Geheim ist nur noch, was aktiv geschützt wird.

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„Deutschlands beste Anwälte“ 2019

Sedlmeier / Dihsmaier erneut vom Handelsblatt gelistet.

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Novelle des Werkvertragsrechts 2018

Auswirkungen auf IT-Verträge: Aufsatz in K&R 11/2018

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